Faux Blinds

The faux products are wonderful if you are on a limited budget as they can be a nice alternative to real wood.

  • 2 inch faux blinds in the kithchen sitting area. 2" faux blinds in the kithchen sitting area. Tha french door also has a matching blind for a consistant look
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Th Faux woods can be either composites, meaning it's a mixture of wood product "saw dust" and pvc, or completely artificial material, which is usually vinyl. Either way, these products are usually extruded. They are much heavier than wood so if you intend on pulling the blind up and down often, as opposed to tilting the louvers, you should spring for the real thing.

  • Avaiible in 2" or 2 1/2" slats
  • Free decorative crown valance
  • Moiseture resistant